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Sweet Dreams On Our Baby Crib Mattress

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80 Coil Mattress
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80 Coil Mattress
AFG Baby Furniture International KC-080
Our Price $64
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150 Coil Mattress
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150 Coil Mattress
AFG Baby Furniture International KC150
Our Price $71.55
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Crib Mattresses

At My Dear Child, we understand how important a good night sleep is.  We offer baby crib mattresses to help your baby sleep better - and in turn to grant you much needed rest.  Our mattresses are firm, but not too firm, and built to support baby just right.  Get the right mattress for your baby and enjoy a better night sleep soon!

Comfortable And Hypoallergenic Baby Crib Mattresses

A newborn spends much of his time sleeping. The quality and quantity of sleep directly affects the infant's growth and development. For this reason, a crib mattress of superior quality is priceless. My Dear Child encourages such excellence in nursery furniture by supplying baby crib mattresses that are expertly made with the finest materials. Heavy gauge steel coils create a firm support for your baby, and are covered with a perma-dri covering for effortless cleaning.

Because the surface is so close to your baby's skin, it's imperative that your crib mattress and crib mattress pad are made from non-allergenic materials. Little babies have delicate skin that is sensitive to irritation, allergic reactions and rashes. My Dear Child crib mattresses are the solution of choice, meeting all federal flammability standards, and complete with a ten-year warranty.

Begin your baby's day right by ensuring a comfortable and restful night. Lay your little one down each day on a safe, plush, and supportive crib mattress. They'll thank you for it…when they're old enough to talk!

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