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Baby Cribs That Grow With Your Baby

Whether your precious newborn has already or arrived or is expected eminently, that little bundle of joy is going to need a comfortable and secure place to live. Arranging a nursery should be focused on baby's comfort, care giver's convenience and a generally pleasant atmosphere. Of course, the most central item of any nursery is the crib. A place for baby to get those many hours of needed sleep, a place for little ones to rest, grow and rejuvenate, baby cribs are essential nursery furniture. As a responsible parent, you want to make the right choice in cribs, but how do you know which one is right? You've heard a little about convertible cribs, but you're not sure whether that is the right direction for you to take. Let's learn a little bit about cribs and see if we can decide if a convertible crib is right for you.   Convertible Cribs
Convertible Cribs

Pros of Convertible Cribs:

  • Economical- A convertible crib means one bed for several stages. Many can go from crib to toddler bed to day, full or twin-sized bed. This means you are not spending a fortune on a new frame, mattress and crib bedding at each stage of your child's development.

  • Convenient- No shifting furniture or running out to buy a new piece once baby gets too big for the crib. In addition, many convertible cribs come with a convenient pull out drawer so you can keep your baby supplies handy. Other models actually have several drawers and shelf space built into the framework of the crib. This saves you even more money, as it gives you a perfect place to keep all of baby's clothing and supplies, without having to purchase additional furniture items.

  • Comfort- Using one furniture piece from infanthood through adolescence (and beyond if you wish) helps to ease your baby from crib to bed. By keeping the familiar surroundings, this difficult transition can be done tearlessly.

  • Storage friendly- People living in smaller apartments or homes with little storage space will appreciate the idea of not having to store away the crib and mattress when toddler stage starts, and then again stowing another mattress and a toddler bed when Jr. gets too big for that. With a convertible crib, the only thing you'll need to store is the crib mattress once your child has outgrown the toddler stage.

  • Decor- Cribs don't have to be staunchly utilitarian. Let your baby's slumber area create a pleasant atmosphere in the nursery. Wood baby cribs, for example, invite warmth and charm into a room. Because they are meant to accommodate many stages, convertible cribs are designed with tasteful style that will fit into a variety of room decor.

Cons of Convertible Cribs:

  • Price- Obviously, a convertible crib is going to come with a pricier tag than your average cribs. When you calculate how much money you are saving on new mattresses, bedding and bed frames, however, you might find that these cribs save you money in the end.

  • Life span- Some people argue that a bed cannot possibly last from birth until adulthood without falling apart. This is true only if you have purchased a low quality convertible crib. Obviously, if you buy a poor piece of furniture, it's going to collapse, fade or break on you after a few years, regardless of the furniture type. Spending money on well-known brands such as AFG ensures that you are receiving quality goods that will last you decades. (As an aside, the most common complaint you will find on convertible cribs' consumer reports is poor customer service. This is obviously not a reflection of the product, but of the store or site you are ordering from. Going with a dependable site like ensures you will receive the quality and reliability in product and service you deserve.)

  • What about the new baby? - Many parents feel that a convertible crib is not worth the expense because another little one will need the crib space before toddler outgrows the bed. If you are planning to have several children close together, a convertible crib may not be the option for you. However, bear in mind that you will still need to buy a crib or toddler bed for one of the children, and many parents have reported buying multiple convertible cribs because of their convenience, frugality and ease.

Baby Cribs
Baby Cribs
  As your new baby enters your life, you will be faced with many decisions. Thankfully, which sleeping space is right for your child can be a simple one to make. Convertible cribs offer convenience, savings and charm. Put your baby to bed in a comfortable convertible crib and you can both rest easy.


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